Why K-Growth? : Our Competitive Edge

[Fund-of-funds solution provider]
1. Extensive experience and know-how to draft fund structures meeting various needs tailored to different types of investors 
1-1.The first and only domestic fund-of-funds able to invest in every type of investment vehicles including but not limited to VCs and PEFs
2.Indirect, but solid support from government in the form of financial commitment and policy involvement 
2-1.100% public-funded Growth Ladder Fund is allowed to support sub-prime tranches to facilitate private-sector participation in areas where market failed
[Extensive LP & financial intermediary network]
1.Market-oriented fund scheme promotes strong preference towards K-Growth funds among major LPs 
1-1.Successful 3.6X catalysis effect on established funds
2.K-Growth is highly involved in deal sourcing network and loan-equity combined offering program as an active LP 
2-1Engaged in a number of mutual assistant partnership programs with reputable loan & guarantee providers including Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT) and Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBO)
[Access to top-quartile domestic GPs]
1.The best way to gain access to Korean VC & PE market, one of the world’s fastest growing fund market places
2.As a major player in the market, K-Growth ensures access to top performing domestic managers 
2-1.K-Growth is firmly linked with 7 PE and 12 VC houses among top 20 Korean domestic managers (AUM-based)
[Dedicated Professionals]
1.Well-balanced professionals from various backgrounds with minimum 5 years of professional experience 
1-1.Public-sector professionals from government & public entities
1-2.Private-sector professionals with financial and industrial backgrounds